Welcome to book pay getaway


Welcome to Book Pay Getaway.

Over the next few weeks and months I am looking to expand the number of stuff on this site mainly because I like it. Great Britain is such a beautiful place to live and takes holidays. I have had so many holidays in so many places in and around the country. I am sure that as you look through this site, many of the stories both historic and personal will unfold.

Why is it so good? Well it is all there in one place. We have the mountains and hills as well as the rivers, lakes and beaches. Our family love the beaches and seaside places  and I love the hills. Beach

Compared to other places the scenery is so green and full of life. Everywhere is so accessible and nothing is that far from anywhere else.We have just had an amazing week in Scotland. It was beautiful to walk through not only the scenery but also the history of the area.

I have enjoyed some amazing cottages that I have stayed at but also really enjoyed camping and caravaning around the place.The places, the people have been just amazing and well worth the trip. So whether you are looking for a short break or a long relaxing fortnight somewhere special, why don't you try somewhere you have never been to before and have an adventure of your own.